Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

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Description: Did you know "free" plastic bags at the grocery store actually cost you money? As produce ages, it emits ethylene gas and plastic bags trap the gas causing fruits and veg to go bad faster, leading to food waste.  

These breathable produce bags allow ethylene gas to escape, keeping fruit and veg fresh and crisp longer. No more limp carrots or withered cucumbers a few days after purchase! 

Size: Small 8 x 10 inches, Medium 10 x 12 inches, Large 12 x 15 inches.

Color: Natural only.

How to use: Once you get your produce home, wash and place it back in the bag wet. Ideal for leafy greens like spinach or lettuce, herbs, and thinner skinned produce, like cauliflower or berries.

Materials: Organic cotton produce bags (GOTS certified).

Care: Wash cool and air dry.