How to Order

Utility's product delivery service is a circular system, inspired by the 1950's milkman model. 

Returning and refilling containers is a new practice for many of us and may be confusing at first. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. 

First time purchasing a product

Step 1. Select the product you would like to purchase

Step 2. Choose a scent if applicable

Step 3. Choose quantity of product 

Step 4. Select bottle with a pump top (one time fee for container).

Step 5. Delivery is the only option at the moment, but new pick up locations will be available soon.

  • Delivery. Delivery is available in central Portland for a rate of 3-$5. If ordering a subscription item, delivery is free. 

Step 6. Complete the checkout process and your order confirmation will be emailed to you. 

Ordering Product Refills 

Step 1. Order the product you want to refill

Step 2. Choose a container: select "refill"

Keep your pump tops! We recommend washing them between refills. They can be handwashed or put in the dishwasher.

Container Return

Please set our empty bottles out for us to collect when we deliver on Wednesday or Saturday. Keep pump tops for your refills.