How Order

Refill and reuse is a new concept to many us. No worries! We're here to help; please contact us if you have questions about ordering and/or would like assistance. 

However, if you are familiar with the Milkman model from the 1950's, then you can understand our deliver and return model. 

First time purchasing a product

Step 1. Choose a scent if applicable

Step 2. Choose quantity of product 

Step 3. Choose a container. Your options when you are purchasing a product for the first time are: 

A. an amber glass bottle with a pump top ($4-8). This option is for folks who  need a pump top bottle for each product ordered. Pay a one time bottle fee for each product you want an amber bottle for 

B. a professionally sanitized, repurposed jar (free) This option is for folks who don't want to pay for a container and/or prefer to transfer to their own.  

Step 4. Choose to pick up your order or have it delivered: 

  • Pick Up. Online orders can be picked up at Coy & Co Floral located at 811 E. Burnside, #112 (yellow door and across from Doug Fir). The shop is open Monday, 11am4pm. TuesdaySaturday, 11am5pm. 
  • Delivery. Delivery is available in central Portland for a rate of 3-$5. Your items will be delivered within 1-3 days. Let us know any special delivery instructions during checkout (such as your building's door code, where to leave your order, etc.)

Step 5. Complete the checkout process and your order confirmation will be emailed to you. Order fulfillment takes up to 3 days. We appreciate your patience! When your order is ready, you will receive a second notification via email or text.   

Ordering Product Refills 

Step 1. Order the product you want to refill

Step 2. Choose a container: select "refill" if you already paid for an amber glass pump top bottle for the product you're refilling. This option means you will get another amber bottle filled with product and a cap top. 

If you did not buy a branded bottled and you do not want to pay for a container, select repurposed. 

Step 3. Check out and choose pick up or delivery. 

Step 4. When your order is ready, we will notify you via text or email. For order pick ups, please return empty Utility bottles to Coy and Co. but keep the pump lids! For deliveries, we will text you before we drop off. Please set any Utility bottles in a visible spot for us to collect. Keep your pump lids!