How to Order and Refill Bulk Products

Here's an overview of the bulk product ordering and refill processes. If you have questions or need clarification, please reach out to us at

Please note:

When you order a bulk product online you will choose a container for us to put it in.  

Container options are:

  • Amber glass bottle with a pump top for liquid products ($4-$8)
  • Glass jar for powder products ($1-$3)
  • Repurposed, sanitized, container for liquid and powder products (free) may be plastic. Good for products you are going to transfer into your own dispensing bottle. We recommend owning a funnel! 

Products are weighed and priced per ounce. Container weight is always subtracted from the product weight. 

First time ordering bulk products online 

Step 1. Select 'Shop Bulk/Refill' from the main menu. 

Step 2. Choose a product(s), the amount you want to purchase and a container (first time purchase or a free repurposed container). 

Step 3. Check out and choose a shipping option: 

  • Pick up-you can pick your order up at 811 E. Burnside St. Suite 124 which is Coy & Co. Sustainable Floral. Pick up is free, available Mon-Sat from 11:00am-5:30pm. 
  • Delivery-we charge a $5 flat fee. Your items will be delivered within 1-3 days of ordering. You can let us know any special delivery instructions during checkout, e.g., building door code. 

Step 4. You will receive an email and text notifying you when your order is ready for pick up or being delivered. You can return any empty bottles you've purchased from us when you pick up or set them outside for us to collect when we deliver.  

     Ordering Refills Online

     Step 1. Select Shop Bulk/Refill from the main menu.

    If you purchased an amber glass bottle with a pump top for your first order, you will receive a new amber bottle filled with fresh product. It will have a cap, instead of a new pump top. Keep the pump top you received with your first order. We request this because pump tops are hard to fully sanitize. 

    Step 2. Set your empty bottles of product outside for us to collect when we deliver your new order, or bring them if you're picking up. Hold onto to the pump tops. Clean them and reuse them on your new bottles. 

    Purchasing Products in Person

    Step 1: Bring, buy or take a container. Fill it up with as much product as you need and we will tare the container, weigh your product and have you on your way. 

    We always have sanitized repurposed containers on hand in case you forget yours. If you bring your own containers to fill, please be sure to clean them beforehand. This makes for a better experience of our products.