Subscription Program

Our subscription program allows you to automate product refills and get free delivery.* All you have to do is choose your product(s) and refill frequency, we handle the rest. 

How it Works

  • Go to our Refill Products for Body & Home
  • Click on the product(s) you want refilled on a recurring basis.
  • Choose subscription and frequency of refills. Then select size,** scent and a container. Do this for each product you would like included in your subscription.
  • Complete the checkout process.
  • That's it! Very easy and convenient. We will notify you before we deliver and remind you to set out empty containers from your previous order. 

You will be automatically charged before each order. 

You can modify, pause or cancel your subscription any time. 

*Free delivery applies to subscription orders over $20 and in the Portland Metro area. 

**Utility's products are free of conventional synthetic preservatives so we recommend 8oz of shampoo, conditioner and handsoap for households of 1-2 and 16oz for 3+, depending how often products are used. A little goes a long way.