Spreading Refill

Company/Group Pop Up

Want to get your friends/family/colleagues to cut back on single- use plastic?

We can bring our goods to your home/office/business so everyone can conveniently fill up on products. Think Tupperware party but with environmentally responsible goods. We're having fun just thinking about it!

If interested email us and use subject "Group Pop Up". 

Businesses we've visited:


Refills for Your Business

Reducing waste, especially single-use plastic is good for the environment and for business because now more than ever, people want to support environmentally responsible companies.

Stocking Utility's products means your business will reduce plastic waste, provide customers healthy, quality products that are safe for the environment, and support other local businesses.

We offer bulk refills on essentials such as hand soaps, lotion, cleaning products and more. 

We will also feature your business on our website to let the community know about your waste reducing practices.

If interested Email us with subject line "Business Refills"

Companies that currently stock our products

 Coy & Co.   GO Box  cookshop  BLM's profile picture