If we want to slow down our current climate crisis, we all need to make changes in how we live. A good place to start that makes a big difference is buying less things and knowing where and what you do buy comes from and how it's existence impacts the earth's resources.

Here’s a list of Portland based businesses and organizations selling used goods and offering helpful information to start you on your less wasteful lifestyle.  



Guilty about how wasteful eating takeout is? Then sign up for GoBox, a local business providing reusable containers at numerous participating eateries throughout PDX. Coffee cups too! Sign up is easy and costs less than $4/mo.  

Urban Gleaners

Portland CSA

ReClaim It

This local business diverts quality items otherwise intended for the landfill and sells them at affordable prices. They have everything from kitchen items to art. 

Rebuilding Center

I love this place. Whether in need of items or not, its just fun to go look. They have everything from floor tiles to door handles to fancy commercial ovens. All used which diverts tons of waste from the landfill. Such a great resource! 

Salvage Works

Consignment Shops

Portland is kind of a second-hand clothing mecca. It's possible for anyone of us to never buy new clothes again, and still look cool. AND, with so many consignment shops, it means you can make some money off of clothes you no longer wear. We've listed a few of our favorite shops (that we have also partnered with) here. 


Consign Couture

Here We Go Again

Button Consignment 

Resourceful PDX


Hidden Opulence

Repair PDX



Citizens’ Climate Action


Sunrise PDX

Break Free From Plastic

Surfrider Portland Chapter