Our Practices

At Utility we practice what we preach as much as possible and strive to reduce not only product waste, but also the waste we generate running a business. 

From sourcing to production to retail and distribution, reduce and reuse are at the forefront of our operations and drive our decisions. 

Reduce and reuse in Utility's operations:

  • Produce our line of products in Portland, which requires less transport and therefore a reduced carbon footprint
  • Source our product ingredients from OR and WA
  • When possible, we reuse the containers our ingredients come in
  • Reuse the containers our products are made and stored in
  • Work with companies who honor our request for minimal or no packaging
  • Share space with Coy & Co. Curatorial Floral and Go-Box allowing us to reduce resources and materials
  • Deliveries and all business transport are done with an electric vehicle
  • Use minimal labeling and packaging
  • Our current labels are removable and reusable

Improvement is an evolution and we are committed to learning ways we can do better. If you have suggestions or ideas, please let us know!