Q. How can I fill my containers?

A. Currently you have two options:

you can order online and choose delivery or pick up your order at Coy & Co. 6 days a week. OR you can bring your containers to Coy & Co. on Saturdays from noon to 2pm and fill up. Please know, we will be phasing out the in person model and will exist as an online order and delivery or pick up service. 

What kind of containers can I bring to Coy & Co. to fill? 

A. Any type of container you want, so long as it's clean and completely dry inside. For products with a thick consistency such as lotion and conditioner, we recommend filling a wide mouth container and the container they are going to stay in because these products are thick, making them hard to transfer. 

    Q. Do you accept product returns?

    A. No, not for bulk products. That's why we recommend buying a small amount of a new product to see if you like. We think you will :). We will accept returns on unused non-bulk products.  

    Q. If I buy an 8oz. amber pump bottle of product and want to buy a bigger size next time, can I trade it for a bigger bottle? 

    A. If you want to change sizes of a product, you can keep the first bottle and pump top and buy the bottle for the bigger size, or you can return the smaller size bottle and pump top, and put the price of it towards the larger size bottle. This only applies to the same product. Example: bringing in three laundry containers to get a discount on shampoo, won't work.