Natural Laundry Powder


We can't recommend this laundry powder enough! It's simple, natural formula gets clothes noticeably clean without dulling colors. Bonus: it's gentle enough to use on delicates. First time users are always amazed at how much better their garments look and feel after one wash. 

Made for all machines, but works best with high efficiency machines that use less water. Made in Oregon City and sourced from a woman owned business.

Ingredients: Washing soda, baking soda, coconut oil soap, borax, essential oil.

Directions: 1 tablespoon per full load. Put the powder in with the clothes, not in the detergent drawer.

Conventional laundry detergents usually contain unnecessary "filler" ingredients (typically derived from petrochemicals) to maintain the consistency and appearance we're used to-think blue liquid.

These filler ingredients do not always absorb, causing build up/residue (especially in high-efficiency washing machines that intentionally use less water). This residue coats clothes, potentially irritating sensitive skin, wears down fabric fibers and pollutes our waterways, which is harmful to human health, aquatic life and the environment.