Wool Dryer Balls Made from Local Wool


Dryer balls are a must for the eco-forward home because they significantly cut drying time and reduce energy use. 

How they work: Dryer balls separate clothes, creating space for hot air to move through garments which dries them faster and evenly. The less time your clothes spend in the dryer, the less heat and stress fabric fibers undergo, prolonging the life of your garments. Wool dryer balls also prevent static and wrinkles without the harmful synthetic materials found in conventional dryer sheets. Add scent to your laundry  by adding a few drops of essential oil directly on balls. 

3 pack - recommended for small loads

6 pack - recommended for large loads

Ingredients: Ethically-sourced wool from Oregon sheep. Wool balls are biodegradable and will last a lifetime.

Care: Store in a dry breathable fabric bag or open lid container. Scented with a few drops of essential oil to add fragrance to your laundry.

Disposal: Compost.