Zero Waste Deodorant


We have very high standards when it comes to products, and our deodorant is no exception. Our deo formula is made for the most sensitive skin, smells delicious and actually works! We love it and think you will too. No need for a "detox" product before use; effective immediately.  

The scent 'Forest Bathing' is uni-sexy. Profile: hinoki (Japanese cypress), juniper, sage, lavender, palo santo.

Ingredients: Shea butter (organic and fair trade), cacao butter (organic, non-GMO), coconut oil (organic), arrowroot powder, essential oil blend.

Directions: Use your finger to scoop a pea-sized amount of product from the jar. Rub into your underarm area like you would lotion, and let it absorb into your skin. 

Store in a cool place away from light and heat. Consider storing in the refrigerator during the summer months and to preserve freshness if you won't be using it right away. Use within three months or refrigerate.

Please bring your empty jar back to you so we can sanitize it for reuse.