Massage Brush


Treat yourself or someone you like to this luxe natural fiber massage brush. The bristles are a combination of soft horsehair and stiff plant fibers that tauten skin, stabilize circulation, strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the metabolism. Perfect for your Ayurveda routine. 

Materials: Handle: steamed beechwood, cotton strap. Bristles: Horsehair and tampico fiber. Horsehair is extracted from animals via routine brushing-no animals were harmed for this product. 

Size: 5 inches long.

How to use: Use with or without lotion/oil. For best results use in a circular brushing motion over entire body. 

Care: Rinse clean with water when necessary. When washing away lotion/body oil, use a mild soap and water. Shake out excess water and air dry with bristle side down.

Disposal: Compost