Collection: Bulk Refill for Home and Body

We've researched the ingredients in our refill products to ensure they are safe for you and the environment — no petrochemical derivatives or toxins. We source locally whenever possible so we can build relationships with producers and see their operations, and to cut down our carbon footprint. 

Refill Process

Our refill products are priced by weight (per ounce).The tare (container weight) is always subtracted and does not add cost to your product. Product price per/oz, is included in the product description. 

For delivery and pick up refills, we fill our bottles and charge you a one time bottle fee for each new product you order. When ordering a product for the first time, you choose the type of bottle you want and the bottle cost is added to your total. When you order the product again, you select 'refill' and the price of the bottle is excluded from your total. This keeps bottles circulating and in reuse. 
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